Motobike trip in Northern Thailand


I feel this blog post will never do this trip justice. We saw a grand total of 2 waterfalls, one which was gushing out the ceiling light in my room. In an abundance of dried up waterfalls it was one of the most amazing trips that I have done – one of the few holiday I paid full price for and still found it worth every penny. I’m even considering doing it again and roping my dad and brother into doing this trip with me if they ever get over their fear of the Thailand heat and spicy food.


We started off in Chiang Mai one of the most interesting parts of Thailand I have been too. I stayed at Hug Hostel which I highly recommend despite being woken up by sed waterfall gushing from the ceiling. They have 3 decent common areas and are well located. I was there for 3 days doing some work and waiting for Geoff. We met some Americans and we made doing the Northern loop sound so enticing that they decided to ditch there plans and join us, this was mainly due to the many beers, shots and Geoffs charm. WINNING


We hired 250 Kawasaki ninja’s. Which were ok, Geoff and I both agreed we would have gone slightly bigger if we could choose again -Geoff had only driven a manual bike for the first time the week before and only for a couple of minutes. We left rather late to Pai all suffering from hangovers in varying degrees, the road to Pai was the 2nd worse we drove on. Not a great road in hindsight I would recommend driving the  the loop the other way around Doi Inthanan way. We stopped in Pai briefly for a cofee along the river. If you can do this trip over a week rather do that, i would have loved to stay in Pai, I hear its magical and if I get the oppertunity again I would stay for atleast a day.


There are no words in my vocabulary that could descrive the next road


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