If someone ever approached us and asked why we would date a backpacker, we would whip out our phones, search #backpacker, and let the backpackers of Instagram speak for themselves.

The real question here is why wouldn’t you date a backpacker? But we know that sometimes, you may need a little more convincing — so we’re going to do just that.

1. Backpackers are adventurous

There is no plausible argument against this. Backpackers are bold people whose entire trade is based on a willingness to find and expose themselves to new experiences.

Dating a backpacker will definitely bring some excitement into your own life and you will have someone who will want to experience new and different activities with you. If you are shy or hesitant to try new things — dating someone as adventurous as a backpacker will help you get out of your comfort zone.


2. Backpackers know how to rough it out

Backpacking often involves traveling to rural locations to experience the culture of the country — but without the influence that the city can have. Visiting and staying in rural locations means sacrificing on the luxuries of urban areas.

Being with someone who knows how to rough it out guarantees you a capable camping partner and a partner who won’t be terribly disabled by a lack of cash at the end of the month.


3. They can stretch a buck

Dating can get really expensive, especially if a movie night on the couch doesn’t cut it. This won’t have to be the case if you’re dating backpacker.

Even though they usually have small budgets and earn peanuts on their trips, backpackers have a knack for making the most out of the least. If you have a backpacking boyfriend/girlfriend, then you should be well aware that creating the most thrilling adventures out of a couple of bucks is a talent — and the hopeless romantic in you will always be satisfied.


4. Backpackers can take care of themselves — and therefore you.

Backpackers go out into the unknown, usually by themselves — so they are literally on their own, especially at first. They need to be able to deal with injuries, cash and generally bad situations by themselves.

If you date a backpacker, you won’t be on call 24/7 for basic needs (but you should make yourself available — because that’s what a good bae does). BONUS: He/she can also cook/clean/repair/maintain for themselves.


5. They aren’t materialistic

We all like to have nice things, but no one likes someone who is obsessed about how many material possessions they have.

The backpacking lifestyle requires one to become a minimalist and rely on the most basic necessities to get by. That should be the case if everything has to fit in a backpack. For the backpacker, the experience is what matters most, so you’ll never be under pressure from a partner who is living for life.


6. They appreciate the finer things

Following on number five — backpackers appreciate the finer things too.

And the little things.

Basically everything.

Backpackers are appreciative people.

They will find the beauty and kindness in even the smallest of gestures. If you date a backpacker, you will probably never feel unappreciated — because people who can live in the most uncomfortable conditions won’t diss your shower.


7. Backpackers go through the most

“Going through the most” refers to dealing with some of the most stressful ordeals — and these happen to backpackers all the time.

From finding out that their accommodation is not what they saw online, (or not finding accommodation at all) to having their belongings stolen or running out of cash, backpackers open themselves to the possibility of literally being lost, and that shows bravery — a trait we know we would appreciate in our partners.


8. They are open-minded

Going to Vietnam with absolutely no knowledge of the language. Watching Game of Thrones for the first time. Booking accommodation in a village with no ATMs. Trying a new recipe. All of these have one thing in common — and that’s being open to something new or different.

Dating a backpacker means having someone who won’t shoot down every one of your ideas (unless it’s really bad). So if you want a consistent partner in crime, date a backpacker.


9. They know how to solve a problem

Having experience as a backpacker, he/she would have encountered some really unusual situations which needed urgent solutions. And unless he came back early, he probably solved that problem. With all that travelling, he’s equipped with problem-solving skills and can create and implement solutions.

Problem solvers are amazing to have on board — barely anything or any plans will ever go to waste because of a clash or minor situation.


10. They have a wealth of wisdom

Backpacking celebrates the interaction between different cultures. Many backpackers go on travel escapades with the intention to speak to the people of the region that they are visiting. Backpacking hot spots in South-East Asia and South America are packed with spiritual locations, and as in most rural areas, cultural traditions have been preserved.

When you are dating a backpacker, you’ll find that they have gathered advice from some of the wisest people and spiritual elders they’ve come across. If you are dating a backpacker, you can always turn to them for advice.

If they know the difference between cultural appropriation and appreciation, they are keepers.


11. Backpackers are doers

Most people have many ideas and things they’d love to do at some stage in their lives. It’ll happen, but when the time is right. For backpackers, the time is always right — they dive right into their wishes and drop life for a month to go on a trip. The go-getting attitude often spills into other aspects of their lives, so you can be sure that backpackers wholeheartedly chase all their dreams.

It’s very rare to find people who go into what they want to do so passionately. If you ever find yourself with someone like that, you should cling onto them like a parasite.


12. The stories. Backpackers always have amazing stories

Backpackers go on some of the wildest adventures, which become great stories. They go through experiences that we can only imagine — and even then — our imaginations fall short.

If you love a plot twist, then you should date a backpacker, because they will always have one they haven’t shared yet. They spare no detail and are seasoned storytellers. They are walking, talking bestsellers.


13. You probably won’t ever be lost (for too long)

A key part of the backpacking experience is being able to find your way around with very little resources. Being good with directions is a trick of the trade.

Having a backpacker by your side means that you won’t ever find yourself lost, because:

  • Your backpacking partner can probably read (and understand) a printed map if your GPS dies on you,
  • They would also easily be able to ask locals for directions,
  • They aren’t afraid of public transport;
  • And if it really comes down to it — they can probably read a compass.


14. Backpackers are (actually) really neat

A false stereotype would claim otherwise, followed by stock photos of fairly grimy backpackers. (And yes, they would be able to deal with grime).

But consider that backpack itself — you have got to have out-of-this-world packing skills to fit so much into such little space. Based on that, backpackers can definitely clean up nicely — and we know you don’t want to clean up after your partner.


15. They are organized

Again – no ordinary person can pack more than a week’s worth of life into a single backpack. A backpacker has to have some mean organisation skills to make their trip work. They plan the trip, visas, flights and budget. They accommodate the weather and emergencies into their planning, taking care not to miss a thing.

Dating someone this organised means that you won’t struggle with planning because your partner will always pull their weight, with few errors too. Dealing with the boring bits will be a shared experience, and all experiences are better shared.


16. The hot bod theory

In theory, a backpacker survives on a bag of essentials and whatever jobs they can get while on location. A bag of essentials often excludes our favourite snacks. Also, with all that walking and adventuring, the backpacker is likely to be as fit as a fiddle — so, in theory, dating a backpacker probably means cuddling a toned body.

If you don’t believe me, the above picture should change your mind.


17. You will almost always have a travel buddy

If you love to travel, then dating a backpacker should be a no-brainer for you… For her, no place will be off-limits, anywhere you want to go, she’ll be by your side. You’ll always have someone willing to travel the world with you, and honestly, what is better than seeing the world with the one you love?


18. They are people-persons

A critical part of the backpacking experience is talking to the locals. The locals will have all the best tips about getting by in the area. They also have a vast knowledge of culture and general life skills to share, and to get that information, backpackers need to able to relate to the people they interact with.

If you date a backpacker, you’ll have someone who loves to be social and can easily fall into any group of people. We all know how daunting it can be to meet new people, but with a backpacking bae by your side, socialising won’t be such a schlepp.


19. Your parents will probably love them

On the point of being a people’s person — it is really important that your significant other make a good impression in front of friends and family. If you are bringing home a backpacker, they are bound to be a hit because:


  1. they have tons of stories to tell (see 12);
  2. they can relate to other people (see 18) and
  3. they are typically self-sufficient (see 4), so your parents will be impressed by that.


20. Backpackers are usually great photographers

People – backpackers included — like to keep their memories, and the best way to do that is to capture them. Whether armed with a GoPro, iPhone or DSLR – backpackers get great shots. Instagram is testament to that.

If you date a backpacker, you’ll always have amazing photography to appreciate and if you ever need a photographer, you’ll know that bae’s got you.


21. The backpackers bod theory

Yes, we slid this in again.

Refer to number 16. A good enough reason to repeat this.


22. They are in touch with themselves

You need a higher level of self-awareness to throw yourself into the backpacking experience, especially for the more gruelling trips. Backpackers have that — they are connected to themselves and can enjoy their own company, while appreciating the beauty of companionship.

Being with someone who is comfortable with themselves, that is the stuff of dreams.

If you still need persuading, backtrack to reason 16.

If after number 16, we still haven’t persuaded you to date a backpacker, then you should anyway, so you can experience it for yourself (and verify the hot bod theory). Let us know what other amazing things come with dating a backpacker — and if you are backpacker, please feel free to share what you have to offer.

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