Greece equals islands and beaches. Therefore, no trip to Greece is complete without sun-soaked beach days. Every meter of the Greek coast is precious but these are the best beaches in Greece.

  1. Elafonisi Beach, Crete


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Elafonisi is popularly regarded as the most beautiful beach in Greece.  Its pale pink sand is courtesy of washed-up coral shells and its crystal clear turquoise water is picture-perfect (if you don’t believe us take a look below)! It’s located in southern Crete and, while you can stay there, most people take day trips from nearby Chania.

  1. Kefalos Bay, Kos

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Twelve kilometers of sand and foamy waves on four different beaches is what Kefalos Bay is all about. Its length and beauty means that it’s one the most famous Greek beaches so it’s always packed with fellow beach- worshippers. Kos is a part of the fascinating, far flung Dodecanese islands which are closer to Turkey than to mainland Greece.


  1. Preveli Beach, Crete


Another famous Greek beach is Preveli Beach. Instantly recognisable from thousands of adverts, Preveli is deserving of the buzz. Situated 113km from the island’s capital, Iraklio, Preveli remains isolated, making it ideal for a  romantic getaway.


  1. Seychelles Beach, Ikaria


Quaint and tranquil shores await in Ikaria. The best beach on this island is probably Seychelles, a hidden corner of clear waters and sparkling pebbles. Seychelles is 25km from Agios Kirikos.


  1. Super Paradise Beach, Mykonos


Source: <a href=”″>Paradise Beach, Mykonos</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a> <a href=””>(license)</a>

True to its name, Super Paradise Beach is one of the best beaches in Greece. It’s packed during the day with people tanning, swimming and eating and drinking at the beach bar. By mid-afternoon the music gets louder and by nightfall you’re in the midst of a full-blown club frequented by the rich and famous. It’s 7km from Xora and the island is just three to four hours’ drive from Athens.


  1. Sani Beach, Halkidiki Peninsula


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The Halkidiki Peninsula is worthy of competing with the Greek isles and is  just 95km from Thessaloniki, Greece’s second city in the north. The best beach here is Sani, situated on the Kassandra Peninsula. It’s surrounded by luxury resorts and sparkly yachts and has 7km of golden sand. It’s a great location for activities such as scuba diving and water skiing.


  1. Voidokilia, Peloponnese


Source: <a href=”″>Messinia | Voidokilia beach</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a> <a href=””>(license)</a>

An unspoilt beachy environment and pristine aquamarine waters make Voidokilia Beach a true gem. It’s surrounded by ancient ruins and is steeped in mythology, guaranteeing its place among the top beaches in Greece. It’s 12km from Pylos.


  1. Myrtos Beach, Kefallonia

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With its dazzling white pebbles and steep cliffs, Myrtos is a stunning Greek beach, famous for its spectacular sunsets. It’s located on the island of Kefallonia on Greece’s western coast.


  1. St Paul’s Bay, Rhodes

Source: Chris Parker,


Located near the Lindos Castle, this stunning shoreline is easily accessible once you’re in Rhodes. Rhodes itself is nearer to Turkey than Athens but this sliver of paradise is worth the ferry ride.


  1. Vouliagmeni Beach, Attica

   Source: By C messier (Own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

A great option for those exploring historic Athens, Vouliagmeni is only an hour from the Greek capital. Its clean water and golden sand have  led to it being awarded blue flag status, making it one the best beaches near urban Greece.


Crystal waters, soft sand, glittering pebbles and fifty shades of blue…Greece’s best beaches are picture-perfect and utterly divine. Make sure you visit at least one of them for a taste of paradise.

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